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Audio Visual TechniciansProfessional, experienced av technicians

We can provide highly experienced and qulified Audio-visual (AV) technicians to install and operate multimedia display equipments in a range of business settings.

We work with a wide range of equipments from Mac and Windows based PCs to network servers, projectors; sound systems; LCD or plasma screens; video and still cameras; image editing software; lighting; control rigs.

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Our technicians are experts with years of project management experience, meaning they can manage your event's AV projects from start to finish.

We are happy to meet clients, assess their AV needs for free and design AV systems to meet these needs. We will carry out your day-to-day duties from; setting up equipment according to instructions from project or event managers; testing equipment; finding any faults on site, and either fixing them or getting substitute equipment.

Other tasks we undertake include: operating equipment; checking and servicing the equipment; managing equipment; booking and tracking systems; training other people to use the equipment; and buying new equipment and negotiating prices with suppliers.

Get in touch with us to discuss your AV needs; we will be happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote for our Audio Visual Technical services

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